Norman Ung
Co-Founding Partner

Norman plays a significant role in shaping DEFT’s creative vision and contributes to all areas of design with his meticulous and honest approach. Norman received both his Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong and is an Associate Member of AIA and Graduate Member of HKIA. Norman is also a co-founding partner of DEFT Community, the non-profit arm of DEFT.

Norman has a passion for building great working relationships with colleagues and clients and a drive to improve efficiency and profitability of projects whilst supporting the creative processes of the studio.

Peter Colin Lampard
Co-Founding Partner

Originally from the United States, Peter received his Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and his Master of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong, where he is now a Lecturer on the topic of Vernacular Architecture of Asia.

At DEFT, Peter champions the strategic direction of the studio’s output, working with both the internal team and directly with clients on a number of projects, large and small, at home and abroad. Peter is also a co-founding partner of DEFT Community, the non-profit arm of DEFT.

  • Julia Ang
    Project Management  
  • Antonio Bertillo
    2D Production
  • John Joseph Caguinguin
  • Alberto Cinco Jr.
  • Kim Jimenez
    Team Leader
  • Sharon Lam
  • Cheryl Lau
  • Mavis Lee
  • Gener Macalinao
    2D Production
  • Valentina Meloni
  • Habeeb Mohamed
    Design Intern
  • Habib Mohamed
    Design Intern
  • Maidy Santos
    Design Intern
  • Bryan Sumera
    3D Production
  • Megan Tawile
  • Darla Tenorio
    3D Production

  • Sharon Wong
  • Ivy Wong
  • Edwin Wu
  • Celia Yeh

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1. (adj.) nimble; skillful; clever; showing art or skill in performing or doing
2. (n.) a Hong Kong-based interdisciplinary design studio.

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