Hanjin MSW
Project Type

Hanjin Global

Completed - June 2017

Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

Design Team
Peter Lampard
Norman Ung
Hazel Yuen Fun
Yo Mak

Scope of Work
Branding/Identity Design
Interior Design - 430 sf
DEFT was approached in early 2017 to develop the branding, identity, and interior design for a new tech-infused, Korean-style salon start-up: Hanjin︎, meaning "Korean-cut" in Chinese.

Taking reference to numerous K-pop music videos featuring an interplay of bold lighting and subdued tones and colors, DEFT imagined a new type of salon, with circular stations containing a dense variety of items necessary for day-to-day hairdressing operations.

French-manufactured Pure Paper Laminate︎ was used to shape the blueish-green stations, while the 12 suspended 1.5m lights were custom-made using Barrisol fabric stretched over a circular metal frame.

At the back of the shop, a 3.5m tall black glass wall with one-way mirror effect separates the staff room from the rest of the space, allowing staff the privacy to rest while still keeping an eye on the shop.
A kiosk near the shop entrance allows customers to select their desired hairstyle from a variety of pre-selected images as well as pay by touch-screen. Behind the kiosk, a self service station allows customers the opportunity to self-style their new 'do and apply a variety of hair products.

The visual identity of Hanjin is centered around the circular form of the pinky rest found on the hairdresser's scissors.

With the pinky rest as the foundation, the circle became a dominant form in the branding and accompanying animations as well as the interior design.

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deft (dĕft)
1. (adj.) nimble; skillful; clever; showing art or skill in performing or doing
2. (n.) a Hong Kong-based interdisciplinary design studio.

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