Wolf Market
Project Type
Bar/Restaurant Interior Design
Shopfront Design
Branding & Identity Design

Noble Concept Group

Complete, March 2016

Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

Design Team
Norman Ung
Peter Lampard
Tony Lai
Hazel Fun

Scope of Work
2 floors - 1300 sf

A term used to describe financial markets being controlled by groups of investors who often-time employ wolf hunting tactics to either drive a company's stock into the ground or drive the price of fundamental items through the roof. Wolves are opportunists.

Located on D’Aguilar Street in the heart of Hong Kong’s most popular nightlife hotspot - Lan Kwai Fong, Wolf Market is a bar/restaurant embodying the Hong Kong financial centre’s favourite pastime: the stock market.

DEFT were selected to define the interior design, shopfront design as well as the branding and identity. Reminiscent of a cosmopolitan, city-slicker bar in Wall Street, DEFT’s interior designers are to credit for the overall design of the space that is both dramatic and sophisticated through the use of varied materials and contrast.

A New Identity
Banking on the fact that Hong Kong is home to the highest concentration of financial institutions in the world along with the largest concentration of fund managers in Asia, the Wolf Market logo, illustrations, typography, business cards, menus and colours reflect Hong Kong’s long-standing relationship with finance, trade and success.

Reinventing the Happy Hour
DEFT realises that successful Happy Hour events are as diverse as the clients they attract, meaning it’s important to keep Happy Hour, well, happy, but also constantly evolving to attract patrons and guests. Decked out with blue lights, Wolf Market is divided into two sections: the Trading Floor and the Trader’s Room one level up.

The Trading Floor on the ground level recreates the fast-paced vibe of a stock trading floor. The main wall is dominated by the most standout feature of Wolf Market: the drinks menu displayed on a giant LED screen, with prices that go up when demand is high, or fall when it’s low. Completely automated and spanning the entire ceiling as well, it is ideal for sending thirsty patrons on a roller-coaster ride in their hunt for the best-priced bender.

There’s a secret stairwell that connects the lower floor to The Trader’s Room upstairs. Complete with its own bar, the Trader’s Room is a more sleek and sophisticated setting that bridges the gap between the desires for exploration and relaxation.

Trend Hunter
Out on the quest to stand out from the pack, we conceptualised on the lines of a stock market trading floor - a concept that would resonate with the target audience of Hong Kong’s traders and bankers seeking to test out strategies in a low risk environment; over good food and drink of course!

Project Innovation/Need
Creative resourcefulness mixed with design principles can quickly transform the bland into beautiful or the never used into the fully loved. Set across two floors, one of the features of the building that caught our eye was the Bay window on the ground floor which we intentionally set out to highlight.

In replacing and restructuring the seating to afford patrons the pleasure of people-watching and a view of D’Aguilar street, we were able to free up unused space, install additions and accommodate more. By utilising this new window area, we provided additional seating while also adding a communal table running down the middle of the ground floor. For the section upstairs, DEFT designed a more sophisticated feel. Accessible via a stairwell, the décor throughout is shades of black, with shiny marble floors, black walls and black leather seats.

The Uptick
If there's one thing that can ruin a fun night out, it's the bill at the end of the party. But, if you like trading and drinking or put another way, being in control while still having a great time, that unusual combination comes together at Wolf Market. It’s where the customer always wins. Think of it as happy hours where you control the prices of all the drinks, any time.

Delivering Value for the Nobel Concept Group
Through the combination of research, technology and design to visualise new scenarios for connecting with basic human behaviours and needs; then responding to those needs by developing and delivering a new brand, service and product offerings, we were able to design Wolf Market - calculated to appeal to Hong Kong’s passion for stocks, shares and grabbing bargains.

deft (dĕft)
1. (adj.) nimble; skillful; clever; showing art or skill in performing or doing
2. (n.) a Hong Kong-based interdisciplinary design studio.

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